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Polished Atelier Founder Elizaveta Dufourq

Sophisticated | Elegant | Refined

Driven by the wisdom of Coco Chanel, who famously said, A woman's hands are her business card " I embarked on a transformative journey to create a Nail Studio that epitomises excellence.


Drawing from my clients' previous negative nail experiences in Sydney, I was determined to redefine the industry and overcome the lacklustre approach of the local scene.


My vision was clear: to combine the artistry of long-lasting manicures with a level of service that exceeded expectations. I desired to provide a sanctuary where clients could escape the harsh fumes, revel in gentle treatment, and enjoy results that spoke volumes.

Through tireless planning, unwavering dedication, and meticulous attention to detail, I brought my vision to life.


Polished Atelier emerged, where skilled professionals practice their craft with passion and precision. Every aspect was meticulously planned and thought through, to reflect my unwavering commitment to beauty and self-care. 

Elizaveta Dufourq - Polished Atelier Founder

Get the personalised attention you deserve.

By appointment.

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